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Plainfield Tree Planting Guide

Download the Plainfield Tee Planting Guide. This guide is designed to help you choose trees to plant or favor along the road, in particular, but also on your property. There, however, because of the absence of the many stressors that make life difficult for trees along the road, you have more choices. In the guide, you will find suggestions for tall trees and trees for under power lines, flowering trees, and not. One thing they all have in common: they are all native trees.

Trees are one of Plainfield’s greatest assets. Not only do they give us beauty and shade, they provide homes for pollinators and help absorb excess carbon from the atmosphere. Use this pamphlet to help you decide what trees to plant and where to plant them.

Trees planted near the street, usually in rows, are a particular feature of Plainfield, as well as a special category, biologically as much as legally. Not only must street trees be salt tolerant, they must not interfere with power lines. 

Although property owners own these trees, the General Laws of Mass. give municipalities authority to cut them and take other actions as necessary for public safety.

The Plainfield Tree Alliance works with local authorities and property owners to choose, plant, and care for replacement street trees, if owners desire such plantings. For example, locating the trees away from power lines is especially important.  

The Plainfield Tree Alliance will also work with property owners to plant street trees further away from the road, on private property. These then become the responsibility of the owner. 

Planting trees is an act of hope. Trees you plant now, whether on the street or in your back yard, will give people joy and serve the environment far into the future. 

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