Find out what the Plainfield Tree Alliance is all about.

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The Plainfield Tree Alliance is a group of Plainfield residents who care about our trees.

In first instance, we work to support the Plainfield Tree Warden in her or his efforts to maintain our town’s street trees, and plant new ones as needed. We also think about threats to our forests and how we might best manage them. Our modus operandi is to pull together an alliance of stakeholders in any particular question having to do with our trees, and to offer our efforts and platforms to make things happen or provide information.


Public shade trees, also known as street trees,* are an essential part of Plainfield’s historic landscape and offer many environmental, health, economic and aesthetic benefits. Hundreds of our community’s historic trees are threatened by age, disease, pests, extreme weather, and other consequences of climate change, and the growing demands of modern life.

The Tree Alliance is a group of Plainfield residents who joined in 2018 to protect, maintain, replant, and advocate for street trees for the benefit of the community, working in concert with the Tree Warden. We seek to collaborate with all interested parties,** to promote public knowledge of trees and good tree stewardship, and to find resources to support our efforts.