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Hilltowns Responding to Environmental Crises

Seeing fewer birds and bees? Check out the Plainfield Tree Alliance Winter series to learn about planting, insects, birds, and the health of our ecosystem

A Practical Approach in Four Events

Practical responses to environmental crises will be discussed in a series of events sponsored by the Plainfield Tree Alliance and the Plainfield Agricultural Commission beginning January 27 and continuing through April 2020.

“Hilltowns Responding to Environmental Crises:  a Practical Approach” a four-event lecture series includes presentations by local experts about how our yards and gardens can enhance biodiversity and combat climate change.

All events are open to the public and will be held on at the Plainfield Public Safety Complex, 38 N. Central St., Plainfield, MA.

Monday Jan. 27, 7PM
Book discussion: Bringing Nature Home by Doug Tallamy
Moderators:  Amy Pulley and Patrick Williamson

Monday Feb. 17, 7PM
Our Landscape and Global Climate Change
    Brittany Laginhas, UMass Amherst

Monday Mar. 16, 7PM (Postponed indefinitely)
Gardening for Wildlife
Desiree Narango, CUNY

Monday Ap. 20, 7PM (postponed indefinitely)
Creating and Supporting Biodiversity in Your Landscape
Larri Cochran

This program is co-sponsored by the Plainfield Agricultural Commission and funded in part by the Plainfield Cultural Council.

For more information, contact  Anne Williamson (413) 634- 5695, Find more information about the events on facebook: