Public shade trees, also known as street trees,* are an essential part of Plainfield’s historic landscape and offer many environmental, health, economic and aesthetic benefits. Hundreds of our community’s historic trees are threatened by age, disease, pests, extreme weather, and other consequences of climate change, and the growing demands of modern life.

The Tree Alliance is a group of Plainfield residents who joined in 2018 to protect, maintain, replant, and advocate for street trees for the benefit of the community, working in concert with the Tree Warden. We seek to collaborate with all interested parties,** to promote public knowledge of trees and good tree stewardship, and to find resources to support our efforts.


To create a full listing and description of street trees and potential planting sites in Plainfield, starting with the town’s Historic District (spring and summer 2019).
To begin framing a Tree Plan for consideration by the town.


  • Planting appropriate species of trees in suitable sites.
  • Making recommendations for new trees, caring for existing trees, and ascertaining the health of trees under consideration for removal.
  • Developing a maintenance plan for existing trees.
  • Seeking solutions for sustaining aging open-canopy trees that would not require their removal.
  • Supporting the Tree Warden in her or his role as tree steward for the community.
  • Raising funds for the planting and maintenance of trees.
  • Developing cooperative relationships with governmental and private entities.

    Everyone is welcome at our meetings. We encourage you to become a volunteer and help us survey, plant, and maintain our public shade trees. Please also make a tax-deductible donation to support our activities.

    *“Public shade trees” (aka “street trees”) are trees in the public right-of-way, regulated by Massachusetts General Laws, Chapter 87: Shade Trees. ** Including Select Board, Planning Board, town committees, the town’s road crew and emergency services, residents, home- and landowners, utility companies, and state and federal agencies.
    March 2019

Members of the Plainfield Tree Alliance (and friends) at Arbor Day gathering, April 27, 2019